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Phrasal Verbs : 

What is phrasal verb ?

Sometimes in spoken english we use some words like 'get out' , ' go off ' , ' pull down ' , ' get back
 ' ...etc these are called ' phrasal verbs '. Its very important in spoken english to learn . Sometimes we have to use some long phrase ,in that time its better to use phrasal verb rather than big phrase.
Then what are you waiting for ....?? Here we are providing some phrasal verbs just for you .
Learn them.That is enough. .

List of Phrasal Verbs 
Break down
Break out
Break up

Bring Back
Bring in
Bring off
Bring on
Bring up

Call back
Call off
Call out
Call up

Carry back
Carry forward
Carry out
Carry forward

Close out
Close over
Close up

Come across
Come after
Come back
Come on
Come in
Come out
Come through
Come up

Dig up

Give away
Give back
Give over
Give up

Go ahead
Go along
Go away
Go back
Go by
Go down
Go through
Go up
Go against

Hand around
Hand in
Hand over

Hold together
Hold on

Knock out
Knock back

Leave for

Look after
Look at
Look forward
Look into
Look through
Look up

Make out
Make over
Make up
Make for

Pass away
Pass by
Pass into
Pass on

Pay back
Pay in
Pay out

Pick up
Pick off

Play away
Play back
Play with

Point out
Point to

Pull back
Pull down
Pull out
Pull over
Pull through

Push aside
Push back

Run after
Run away
Run into
Run on

See out
See over

Send in
Send for
Send off
Send out

Set up
Set off
Set down

Shake up
Shake down

Shut out
Shut up
Shut down

Sit back
Sit down

Speed up

Throw up
Throw off

Turn around
Turn on
Turn off

Take apart
Take away
Take out
Take off
Take on
Take up

Stand aside
Stand back
Stand by
Stand down
Stand up

How to use Phrasal Verbs in Spoken English ?

We learnt phrasal verb is a two or more words combination.  It won't give any meaning
if you put together individual words meaning. So there is no alternative method to lean .
Simply you have to lean as vocabulary. use of phrasal verbs is difficult untill you know
their meanings. So learn them. Explanation with one example     

Example :
' Carry on '
                   1. Carry on with this while I am away.
                   2. Carry with this On while I am away.

You can use either way with phrasal verbs.

Example set 1
Write some examples .

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